Janice Gallen

Helen Ellis

When Mary Illingford decides to escape from her vicious husband Paul, her daughter Jenni helps her flee to her friends Eleni and Julia on the island of Santorini, Greece. Jenni and Marios, Eleni's son, fall in love and are challenged by the differences in their cultures. But Paul, in trouble with the law, resolves to find Mary and Jenni, his violent chase inevitably leading him to Santorini... 

Discover Greece. "Make Mine A Moussaka" is a jolly good travel read and added cooking challenge. One can seek adventure, culture and new horizons in Greece, depending on the whim of the moment, or do nothing successfully in very picturesque surroundings. Oh to eat moussaka at sunset overlooking a tiny bay, while listening to the waves lap on the pebbles nearby ... Move over Shirley Valentine!

Working in London as secretary to the irascible Robert Campbell, Caroline MacDonald is told to fly to Scotland to help her boss sort out problems behind his inheritance of a Scottish castle. But strange things happen during a blizzard when they are forced to work together. Can they forget their differences and find love, while searching for answers to the secrets hidden in the castle? 

Be careful what you lie about, for lies can twist back to truths. When two intractable cousins set out on a world trip together, things are bound to become unstuck. Marigold Sheppard's lie takes her away from Greece and Lainie Greenwood when she follows amiable Jeremy Sandford to London. She soon finds herself out of her depth in a difficult learning curve, a life-changing deception, and love. 

I love writing. I’ve always written. At age six I composed poetry and later submitted for the school magazine. I once wrote a pantomime for a dance company. I contributed a terrible sketch for a revue, devised a stage adaptation of the lives of Gilbert & Sullivan through their music and edited a musical society newsletter. I wrote a column in an antique magazine about funny things that happened on the way to the antique fair, and another about the antique markets of London. I reviewed art exhibitions and edited a motor magazine. Stuff like that.
But I’ve only become purposeful about my writing recently. I’m now writing travel articles and memoirs, plus fiction novels - a serious challenge but one from which I'm deriving a great deal of pleasure. Learning "the trade" is an amazing journey, during which I’ve met some wonderful fellow travellers. I’m a bit of a doer and a goer and I take my notebook with me, so I write a great deal of what I see and smell and taste and experience. I’m not a great talker, b
ut I’m a great observer.