Janice Gallen

Growing up in the coalfields of the Hunter Valley, N.S.W. Janice developed a passion for writing after winning an inter-school essay contest on unionism at age eleven at Abermain primary school. When she clutched that monetary prize in her hand she realised she could earn money for doing something she loved. This idea germinated in her brain, but nothing happened to cause it to flower. She graduated from Kurri Kurri High School in 1961, and then went on to study at Newcastle Teachers’ College. After she taught for a few years Janice married and had three children, and she and her husband decided to enter the business world. They bought and sold a small newsagency, petrol station, butcher shop, chemical sales business and grocery store. Janice also ran a postal agency in West Cessnock.

The desire for creativity was always there, and Janice signed up for a correspondence writing course. But family commitments and work got in the way of fulfilling her goal to become an acknowledged author. However, that spark remained, and over the past ten years Janice has managed to fit many creative writing workshops into her busy life – and water and feed her imagination.

When the inaugural Redlitzer anthology was promoted by Redlands Library, Janice won a place with her short story: Always.  This success, accompanied by encouragement and critiquing from two writing groups has allowed her to turn her dream into reality, and complete and publish her first novel: All Naked & Bare.                                        

All Naked & Bare invites the readers into the lives of the Carpenter family. It’s the 1950’s when women stayed at home and followed the orders of their husband and breadwinner. But this is also a simple time of community support and family closeness. The hard lives the women faced with partners, who were usually heavy drinkers and quite often violent, is softened by the innocent outlook held by both adults and children.

Life for Janice continues to be incredibly full. Apart from writing, Janice has a keen interest in Toastmasters, a public speaking organisation, which she joined in 2004. She can be found taking part in Trivia with her fellow Trivia maniacs most weeks. In addition to these activities, she has a wonderful family life. With her husband she enjoys following Rugby League, (Go the Broncos!) and she delights in spending time with her three children, their partners and twelve grandchildren. Her new romances, Eve's Christmas, The Spaniard's Suspicion and A Passionate Judgement are   published. Dark Visions, a Meg and Clyde mystery, is available, and a sequel Scent of Evil is out now. 

Biography  Janice Gallen