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Sometimes sexual attraction becomes so hot, so steamy, so sizzling it annihilates all in its path. Yet, despite her misgivings, when Andrea Walker meets barrister, Steve Covington - Smith he sets her body on fire.

​While their physical relationship simmers into a flaming inferno she suspends her prejudice against lawyers, and pushing her guilt aside, Andrea decides she'll enjoy the sex while it lasts.

But she begins to fall for Steve.

​Now what should she do?

What can Eve Benson do when she falls in love with her handsome, recently divorced boss, Chris Melville?

While on a working holiday with him she falls pregnant and decides to resign.

Should she tell Chris?

Will she find happiness with a man who doesn't love her?

Sometimes being in love isn't enough

Misunderstood or charlatan?.

She had manipulated, schemed and swindled. 

That was how Juan Antonio Gaudens saw Gail Alworthy.

Then scintillating attraction set sparks flying.

Running her small business and caring for her orphaned niece was enough for Gail. She did not need a man, especially an arrogant Neanderthal.

But when he touched her.......

Would lust turn to love?

Or would his image of her spoil their chance for future happiness?

Whether you're American, English or another nationality, you can enjoy the adventures of cranky, homophobic Clyde Pilley, a true blue Aussie. Watch him discover unexpected crime in his neighbourhood. 

With his wife, Meg, beside him, Clyde encounters a cold blooded killer murdering the elderly in their suburb.

The only clue is Meg smelling cigar smoke whenever a murder is committed.

Is that enough for psychic Meg to track down the evil predator?

When Meg and Clyde go on a cruise with Clyde’s brother, Mick, things start to go awry.
Mick falls for Josie, but Meg spots her as a con artist. Clyde meets Jim Morrison who says he’s a reporter, but his actions don’t jell.
The mayhem escalates when Meg meets Tina.
Then Meg senses her cabin has been burgled. 
Are Meg and Clyde’s lives in danger? Can they depend on ship security?
Who is Jim Morrison? 

It's 1956.

Polly Carpenter is wife, mother, homemaker.

Her daughter, Kathryn, is expected to follow Polly's example.

But Kathtyn wants more.

​Can she hope to overcome the culture of the times to obtain a future career?

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Accompanied by his psychic wife, Meg, Clyde Pilley encounters more than he bargains for, and Meg is equally flummoxed when she visualises a pool of blood and knows there will be a murder.

Who will be the victim?          

And how deeply are Meg and Clyde involved? 

To be part of the life of this Australian Sydney based couple, read Dark Visions.

Be intrigued, as you try to manoeuvre the many twists to find out what is going to happen.  

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